The Section on European Quaternary Stratigraphy (SEQS) – is a constituent body of the International Union of Quaternary Research (INQUA), Commission on Stratigraphy and Geochronology (SACCOM). The SEQS is a group devoted to the study of the Quaternary Period in Europe, the last 2.6 million years of Earth’s history.

This inter-disciplinary group is concerned with the Quaternary stratigraphy of Europe. It provides a forum for Quaternary scientists to discuss and establish stratigraphical investigations and classification throughout the European continent, one of the most significant and densely investigated regions of the World.

It seeks to achieve this through the organization of regular meetings, publications and publicity. In addition a network of Working Groups with a specific mandates are established under the auspices of the Сommission.

The SEQS exists to promote and co-ordinate international co-operation and integration by:
– the establishment and publication of a European geological time-scale for the Quaternary,
– the unification of regional and national chronostratigraphical nomenclature,
– the promotion of stratigraphical methods, and the dissemination of stratigraphical knowledge,
– the evaluation of new stratigraphical methods and their integration into a multidisciplinary stratigraphy, and
– the definition of principles of stratigraphical classification, terminology and procedure and their publication.

The SEQS scientific activities are carried out through projects, websites, publications and meetings, particularly through close co-operation with local sister national organizations, as well as through collaboration with other organizations.


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INQUA-SEQS 2018 Meeting – Slovenia, September 2018. Photo taken at the Chrnotice Quarry. Courtesy and © of Guzel Danukalova

INQUA-SEQS 2017 Meeting – France, September 2017. Photo taken at the Tautavel Conference Hall. Courtesy and © of Guzel Danukalova

INQUA-SEQS 2016 Meeting – Armenia, September 2016. Photo taken at the Haghtamak 3 archaeological site. Courtesy and © of Edmond Grigoryan

INQUA-SEQS 2014 Meeting – Russia, September 2014. Photo taken at the Baturino quarry, Chelyabinsk Region, Southern Trans-Urals. Courtesy and © of Guzel Danukalova

INQUA-SEQS 2013 Meeting – Romania, September 2013. Photo taken during conference in GeoEcoMar Institute, Constanta. Courtesy and © of Guzel Danukalova

INQUA-SEQS 2012 Meeting – Sardinia, September 2012. Photo taken at the Tyrrhenian Type Section on Cala Mosca, Sardinia. Courtesy and © of Jeroen Schokker