A series of publications that have arisen from SEQS or SEQS-sponsored meetings are listed below. Some of these links are directly to the publications themselves, while others are links to associated sites from which the material can be accessed. Additions to this section are welcomed!

  • INQUA-SEQS 2018 Meeting: Quaternary Stratigraphy and Karst & Cave Sediments (11. – 17. September 2018, Postojna, Slovenia)

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  • INQUA-SEQS 2017 Meeting: Quaternary stratigraphy and hominids around Europe (11 – 15th September 2017, Tautavel, France)

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  • INQUA-SEQS 2016 Meeting: Bridging Europe and Asia: Quaternary stratigraphy and Paleolithic human occupation in Armenia and South Georgia (Armenia) September 2016

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Edited by Markus Fiebig, Guzel Danukalova, Khachatur Meliksetian. Volume 509, Pages 1-120 (10 March 2019)

  • INQUA Congress 2015: Quaternary Perspectives on Climate Change, Natural Hazards and Civilization (Japan), July – August 2015

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Quaternary International “The Quaternary of Continental Europe: Stratigraphy, Correlation and New Data”
Edited by Wim Westeroff, Markus Fiebig, Guzel Danukalova. Volume 478, Pages 1-108 (10 June 2018)

  • INQUA-SEQS 2014 Meeting: The Quaternary of the Urals: Global trends and Pan-European Quaternary records (Russia) September 2014

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Quaternary International, Volume 420, Pages 1-402 (28 October 2016)
The Quaternary of the Urals: Global trends and Pan-European Quaternary records
Edited by Aleksandr Borodin, Evgenia Markova and Norm Catto

  • INQUA-SEQS 2013 Meeting – GeoEcoMar in Constanta (Romania), September 2013

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Quaternary International, Volume 357, Pages 1-344 (30 January 2015)
Correlations of Quaternary Fluvial, Eolian, Deltaic and Marine Sequences: SEQS 2013
Edited by Silviu Radan, Nicolae Panin, Norm R. Catto and Sorin-Corneliu Radan

  • INQUA-SEQS 2012 Meeting – Sardinia, September 2012

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Quaternary International Volumes 328–329, Pages 1-348 (10 April 2014)
SEQS 2012 Sardinia: at the Edge of the Sea
Edited by Vincenzo Pascucci, Mauro Coltorti and Pierluigi Pieruccini

  • INQUA-SEQS 2011 Meeting – Bern, July 2011

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Pan-European Correlations in Quaternary Stratigraphy: SEQS 2011, INQUA Congress, Bern. Quaternary International, 292, 220pp. (28 March 2013)
Edited by Mauro Coltorti, Wim Westerhoff and Norm Catto

XVIII INQUA Congress, 21st–27th July, 2011, Bern, Switzerland. Quaternary International,  279–280, 566pp. (16 November 2012)
Edited by Christian Schlüchter and Jürg Nietlispach

  • INQUA-SEQS 2010 Meeting – Rostov-on-Don, June 2010 – Quaternary interconnections in Eurasia: focus on Eastern Europe SEQS Conference, Rostov-on-Don, Russia

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  • INQUA-SEQS 2009 Meeting – Orce & Lucena, September 2009 – The Quaternary of southern Spain: A bridge between Africa and the Alpine domain

This special issue of Quaternary International publishes the proceedings of the SEQS annual meeting, held at Orce and Lucena (Andalusia, southern Spain) on September 28th–October 3rd, 2009.

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  • INQUA-SEQS 2008 Meeting – Rennes, September 2008 – Differences and similarities in Quaternary Stratigraphy between Atlantic and continental Europe. Selected Papers from the SEQS 2008 Conference, Rennes, France. Edited by Jean-Pierre Lefort, Guzel Danukalova and Jean-Laurent Monnier // Quaternary International, Volume 231, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-116 (1 February 2011).

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  • INQUA-SEQS 2006 Meeting – Milano, September 2006 – Quaternary Stratigraphy and Evolution of the Alpine Region and the Mediterranean area in the European and Global Framework. Edited by Roberta Pini, Giuseppe Orombelli and Valérie Andrieu-Ponel. Quaternary International, Volume 190, Issue 1, Pages 1-180 (1 November 2008)

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  • INQUA-SEQS 2005 Meeting – Bern, September 2005 – From the Swiss Alps to the Crimean Mountains – Alpine Quaternary stratigraphy in a European context. Edited by F. Preusser, M. Fiebig and J. Spencer. Quaternary International, Volumes 164-165, Pages 1-220 (April 2007).

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  • ICS-INQUA-SEQS 2004 meeting – Florence, August 2004 – Pleistocene chronostratigraphic subdivisions and stratigraphic boundaries in the mammal record. Edited by P.Gibbard & A.Markova Quaternary International 160.

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  • INQUA-SEQS 2002 Meeting – Ufa, June 2002 – Quaternary data from the Southern Urals region. Selected Papers from the SEQS 2002 Conference, Ufa, Russia. Edited by Thijs van Kolfschoten and Guzel Danukalova // Quaternary International, V. 201, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-86 (15 May 2009).

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  • INQUA-SEQS 2001 Meeting – Kiev, September 2001 – The Ukraine Quaternary Explored: the Middle and Upper Pleistocene of the Middle Dnieper Area and its Importance for East-West European Correlation, The Ukraine Quaternary Explored: the Middle and Upper Pleistocene of the Middle Dnieper Area and its Importance for East-West European Correlation. Edited by T. van Kolfschoten and N. Gerasimenko. Quaternary International, Volume 149, Issue 1, Pages 1-122 (May 2006)

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  • INQUA-SEQS 2000 Meeting – Bari, September 2000